Jabaru & Friends EP Part 2


1. Buxx & Jabaru – “Break Check”
2. Dedman & Jabaru – “Shimmer”
3. Dunk & Jabaru – “Dry”
4. Sceptre & Jabaru – “Raw”
5. NC-17 & Jabaru – “Primal” [WEBSITE & BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE]

Dispatch Recordings are proud to present Part 2 of the “Jabaru & Friends EP” series.

Following the release of Part 1 in 2021, Jabaru continues this series with another impressive list of collaborators from the likes of Buxx, Dedman, Dunk, Sceptre, and NC-17.

This varied and intricate release takes in a full spectrum of styles, as Jabaru’s own production techniques blend with, and are influenced by, the input of the carefully selected collaborators.

Fans of Dispatch will know what to expect, another impressive collection of work, a true testament to the talents of all involved.

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