Jam Thieves
Blue House Album



1. “Blue House”
2. “Temple Meads”
3. “Shook One”
4. “Orange Dog”
5. “Badman” – Jam Thieves & Bennie
6. “Cowboy”
7. “Red Mamba”
8. “In My Soul” – Jam Thieves & NC-17
9. “One Step Forward”
10. “Medelin”
11. “Big Poppa” – Jam Thieves & Magenta
12. “Robbery”
13. “Don Lucho”
14. “Scarface” (Dispatch Store Exclusive)

“Blue House” sees the return of Jam Thieves to Dispatch Recordings. An impressive debut LP which sees this talented producer focus his attention on the deep, rolling sound and pushing that trademark Jam Thieves flavour – minimal funk with bags of vibe.

Title track “Blue House” sets the tone for the LP, instantly recognisable as a Jam Thieves production with strong, dirty bass and that iconic snare – balancing understated minimal flavour with undeniably upbeat energy from the two-step shuffle.

Featuring collaborations with the prolific NC-17 and newcomers to the label Bennie and Magenta, this varied album represents Jam Thieves’ exploration of the modern, underground sound combined with strong, upfront energy.

Tech elements matched with impressive basslines deliver progressive tracks punctuated with vocal samples and melodic moments of light. Each tune explores a different angle of his new sound, demonstrating his versatility as a producer.

Likely to be an instant classic for fans of Dispatch and the rolling Jam Thieves sound, essential listening.

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