Back to the Source EP


Mako returns to Dispatch Recordings for his first solo EP, consisting of four tracks steeped the classic roots of the 90’s sound we all know and love.

Aptly entitled the “Back To The Source EP”, Mako explores vast atmospheric soundscapes, a careful selection of raw, authentic samples and an immaculate programming of amen breaks.

Stating the depth of his intention right from the start, “We Could Help Each Other” opens the EP with a wash of melody as Mako is joined on the controls by fellow collaborator Villem. On “Planet Physical” we see a much darker direction, strictly for the heads; a gnarly, twisted drum workout that’s rugged in every sense of the word.

Up next “Ya Know What I’m Saying” builds up suspenseful intent, before leading into a shower of tightly chopped and intricate breaks. “There’s Nothing We Can’t Be” completes this release as a digital only bonus track, offering a mellower groove by comparison to the rest of the EP. With this EP Mako finely encompasses a full circle of sound exploration at 170bpm upwards.

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