Under Another Sky (Digital)


Travelling the world from NZ to UK and reflecting on his experiences, Cern releases his second album “Under Another Sky” on Dispatch Recordings. Captaining an enthralling quest into his creative sphere, this project encapsulates a wide breadth of influences, delivering an all-rounded album that is both diverse and quality in substance.

Cern exercises total freedom across tempos and genres to map out a complex blueprint of his own fictional world; welcoming you to drift off into its atmosphere. As the novel unwinds, “Under Another Sky” delves deep into the senses with seamless transitions; from the progressive amen curiosity of “Infinite Exchanges” through to the off-kilter, abstract forays of “Human Dynamics” and serene instrumentals of “Blumei”.

The LP features a 15 track digital album, hand-picked and arranged to enhance the listening experience, rather than catering or targeting to dancefloor crowds. Vast soundscapes and solo instrumental pieces assimilate with sub-bass pressure to complete an all-encompassing listening experience from start to finish.

Amongst his own solo ventures, guest artist collaborators join Cern to explore the full spectrum of the D&B edge. Rolling early on with DLR for groove ridden “Patterns” and later met by the emotive depth of “Those Left Behind” with Hydro, his darker side accumulates throughout the album, as rugged link ups with Loxy, Gremlinz and Overlook cause untold low end damage.

Experimenting with both orchestral and amen elements to contrasting effect, Cern offers a temporary retreat from reality to take you “Under Another Sky”.

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