Current Value & Dauntless
Resolution EP



1. “Resolution”
2. “Tokyo Drift”
3. “Armour Piercing”
4. “Ricochet”
5. “Memory Leak”

Dispatch welcomes Current Value to the label for a collaborative EP with Dauntless. Future thinking music from two pioneers of minimal funk and experimental drum and bass

An international collaboration spanning from Berlin to Australia, this EP features the trademark flavours of each talented producer combined to create this exciting project.

From the halftime switch-up of the title track ‘Resolution’ to the off-beat, metallic stabs of ‘Ricochet’, there is plenty of the distinctive sound you would expect from this pairing of producers. ‘Tokyo Drift’ flies along neon expressways as if taken directly from a high-octane chase sequence. The tough stepping ‘Armour Piercing’ makes the most of its textured, rolling bassline, and ‘Memory Leak’ completes the project with its dreamlike, robotic, liquid musicality.

Cinematic and expansive, this varied EP is a testament to the combined talents of this unique pairing.

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