Twilight Tones



Dispatch Early Release Date – 08/10/2021
General Release Date – 22/10/2021

01. “Twilight Tones”
02. “Scattered Horizon”
03. “Voyager”
04. “Tetris”
05. “Pathways”
06. “Subliminal”
07. “Harmonizer”
08. “Tempest”
09. “Blur” – Rizzle & Black Barrel
10. “Duality”
11. “Feelings”
12. “Rain”
13. “Morality”
14. “Gloom” – Rizzle & GROUND
15. “Abyss”

Rizzle’s debut album is a sonic exploration of twilight, that unique time when it’s not quite dark and not quite daylight either. The area between light and dark and the relationship between the two serving as inspiration for this sensational LP.

Setting out to make a solid drum and bass album, Rizzle delivers 15 tracks that work both in a club and listening environment. With no intro/outro or fillers, the album takes the listener on a journey through light and dark. This concept is further enhanced individually within tracks such as ‘Voyager’, ‘Pathways’, ‘Duality’ and ‘Tempest’ – each demonstrating this contrast beautifully within each tune.

Along with 12 exceptional solo productions, Rizzle collaborates with Wingz for ‘Pathways’, Black Barrel for ‘Blur’ and GROUND for ‘Gloom.’ Each featuring guest producer adding their own flavour to the Rizzle magic, delivering their combined take on the concept of light and dark.

As releasing an album with Dispatch was a long term goal of Rizzle, we’re proud to be able to bring you this impressive debut long-player from one of the drum and bass scene’s rising talents.

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