NC-17 & Dauntless
Short Cuts



Dispatch Release Date – 20/01/2023
General Release – 03/02/2023

1. “Zero 2 Hero”
2. “Short Cuts”
3. “Once Were Warriors”
4. “Devils”
5. “Microchip Convention”
6. “I Need Healing”
7. “So Far So Good So What”
8. “Vertigo City”
9. “Home Of The Body Bag”
10. “The Conjuring”

Dispatch Recordings is proud to present “Short Cuts”, an album project created by two long-term friends and favourites of the label. With numerous solo releases and their previous collaboration on the “Most Violent Year” album series, NC-17 and Dauntless will be well known to fans of Dispatch. When we were approached with new collaborative material, the “Short Cuts” project was born.

Drawing on 2000s-era DnB influences, they set out to create something tech-influenced whilst maintaining musicality and that much-needed funk. The pair found a unique creative flow that allowed their styles to gel and enhance each other’s productions.

Dauntless and NC-17 channelled the energy of those early days into an energetic and future-thinking album, citing many legends of that prolific era of drum and bass as influences. Benefitting from a modern approach to mixdown and structure, the resulting album is a varied and multi-layered representation of their shared artistic vision.

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