Some Philthy VIPs EP



1. “Cosmos (Multiverse VIP)”
2. “Yeti (Wampa VIP)”
3. “Your Love (Dark Soul VIP)”
4. “Incantation (Chrome Black VIP) – Philth & Agman Gora

Philth returns to Dispatch with this special EP packed with four VIPs of his previous releases. Enhanced for 22 with a new mix and extra weight, these build on the structure of the originals, packing a serious punch.

“As a DJ/producer, there are some tracks that become signatures in your DJ sets and I played the originals of these four to death over the years…

I took a trip back into my catalogue and decided to VIP these personal favourites. It was fun to revisit them, cringe at my old mixdowns and bring them up to date and back into my sets for 2022.”

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