Wormatic Remixes EP



Early Dispatch Release Date – 06/11/2020
General Release Date – 20/11/2020

1. “Sleepless City (HLZ Remix)”
2. “Eardrum (Nymfo Remix)”
3. “Grainulair (Hybris Remix)”
4. “Bluntlack (Kyrist Remix)”
5. “Adenosine [ft. Quadrant & Iris] (Kiril Remix)”
6. “Martini (Extended Mix)”

For the ‘Wormatic Remixes EP’ Dabs has hand-picked 5 of his favourite Dispatch artists, and personal friends to remix some of the biggest tunes from his debut album.

Carefully matching his chosen remix artist with the vibe of each track, Dabs’ has curated a stellar line up featuring HLZ, Nymfo, Hybris, Kyrist and Kiril, each adding their own flare and depth the tunes.

Completing the EP is an extended mix of Martini, a drum funk heavy interlude from the original EP that has been crafted into a killer full-length track, with all the flavour of the original and more.

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