Survey – Get It EP – DISLTD041

We are proud to present the solo debut release from Berlin based duo Survey on Dispatch, with five tracks for the ‘Sidewalks EP’.

With a dark edged sound, the pair have been on our radar for some time and it was only a matter of time before we formally welcomed them, having recently featured on the Tephra & Arkoze EP with ‘This World’ (as supported by Noisia).

A shrewd application of production merit, Survey primarily focus on groove and vibe, leading the charge from the bassline up and every element gravitating towards it – especially on ‘Get It’, which received an exclusive airing on BBC Radio 1 last month (in Survival’s guest mix).

Buy Links:
• Dispatch website: http://bit.ly/DISLTD041
• All other stores: https://fanlink.to/DISLTD041

Graciously delivering their debut, the ‘Sidewalks EP’ confidently introduces Survey to Dispatch, with an archetypal release for both artist and label.