Survival – Guest mix + interview with Friction on BBC Radio 1

Tonight, Survival will be chatting with Friction on Radio 1 from 01:00-04:00 (UK time) about his album ‘Take It Back’, which is due to be released at the end of June.

He also steps in the mix for 30 minutes showcasing new album material, and some forthcoming Dispatch Recordings tracks.

Lock in to Friction’s show from 1am here –

The show will also be available on catch up so it’s still available for 30 days if you miss the show live.


Survival’s LP sampler is available right now via our website + Bandcamp –

• Dispatch website:

• Bandcamp:

General release – 23/06/2017

• Redeye Records (vinyl):

• Juno Records (vinyl):

• Intense Records (vinyl):


Full ‘Take It Back’ LP will have an early release via our website + Bandcamp on 26/06/2017

• Dispatch website:

• Bandcamp:

General release – 30/06/2017

• Redeye Records (vinyl):

• Juno Records (vinyl):

• Intense Records (vinyl):