Dreamland vinyl

DLR – ‘Dreamland’ album + free track

The next album from DLR, entitled ‘Dreamland’ is set for release next month, in November.

A concept album aiming to reflect on the world today, the album seeks to encourage people to “challenge the barriers and comfort zones we blissfully exist within”, from the inadequacies of the political world, to soulless, generic music.

Resident Advisor announced the tracklist and feature details earlier this month; the album sampler drops on 11th November, with the full album coming on 25th November (but exclusively downloadable from our store on the Monday before release – 7 Nov and 21 Nov).

In the run up to the album, there are a number of guest mixes, features and appearances to be announced, but to start things off, DLR has given away a FREE TRACK to get you prepared, entitled ‘Staring At The Ceiling’.

Merchandise and bundle details to follow soon – keep your eyes on the Dispatch store over the coming weeks.