Posse EP



SubMarine enters the fold for his Dispatch LTD debut; entitled the ‘Posse EP’.

Menacing in stature throughout, SubMarine excels in production with pinpoint German efficiency, upheld by gritty, subversive bass weight. Tight knit percussion keeps ‘Posse’ rolling intricately and the ominous whirrs of ‘Clarion’ raise the tension, before mellow chords in ‘Blur’ provide smooth contrast.

A stellar first release on the label, we are pleased to welcome SubMarine to Dispatch.

Exclusive Dispatch Store Early Release Date: 01/10/2018
All Other Stores: 05/10/2018

1. “Posse” – SubMarine
2. “Blur” – SubMarine (ft. Rimmi)
3. “Clairon” – SubMarine
4. “NightMare” – SubMarine

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