Captivated (ft. Tali) / Diversion (ft. Rick Payne)
Ben Soundscape, Roygreen & Protone, Ill Truth



Dispatch Release Date: 20/05/2019
General Release Date: 24/05/2019

Track listing

1. “Captivated (ft. Tali)” – Ben Soundscape, Roygreen & Protone
2. “Diversion (ft. Rick Payne)” – Ben Soundscape, Roygreen, Protone & Ill Truth
3. “Captivated (instrumental)” – Ben Soundscape, Roygreen & Protone

Ben Soundscape joins forces with Roygreen & Protone for the next release in the Dispatch Limited series. This international collaboration is the result of regular journeys from Bristol to Vienna, preferring to work in the studio together rather than over the internet and we think the results speak for themselves.

Featuring the incredible vocal talents of New Zealand’s finest, Tali, Captivated is a classy liquid number full of dreamy pianos and growling basslines.

Diversion develops the Bristol connection as the trio are joined by Ill Truth, who add their harder edge to the mix on this track featuring the slide guitar talents of Rick Payne.

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