Survival Revival – The ‘Unreleased Album’

Survival has been a busy man as of late, with an array of releases over the past few weeks and we’re proud to bring you a fresh batch of new material. Here is a brief run-down of both Survival & SCAR related news.

Since the 2013 release of his acclaimed Dub Soldier, Survival returns to Dispatch, leading #2 in the Dispatch Dubplate series with his exceptional amen laden Outlook VIP of the track. Paired with production partner Script under their alias “SCAR”, this release is completed with ‘Call to Arms VIP’ & ‘Do You Love’, with the vinyl of this flying off the shelves, now totally sold out after just a few weeks!



At the end of November came the release of SCAR’s Call It What You Want EP, the second EP from the duo for us on Dispatch. Majestically intertwining dark and broody aspects, picking up heavy support from DJ Hype, London Elektricity, Doc Scott & Bailey too.





To top it off, Survival has now delivered a selection of previously unreleased tracks, exclusively for our new Dispatch USB series. These tracks never have never been made available anywhere else to date, making this is an essential for any discerning Dispatch fan. Composed of 15 tracks, featuring vocal work from vocalist Christina Nicola and collaborations with Silent Witness, it comes just in time for Christmas!



Keep a watchful eye out for more from Survival & Silent Witness next year, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the music!

Dispatch Dubplate 002: http://bit.ly/disdub002
Scar – Call It What You Want EP: http://bit.ly/dis086scar
Survival – The Unreleased Album: (SOLD OUT)
Survival – The Dub Soldier EP (2013): http://bit.ly/dubsoldier